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Upper Bracket Favour

The advantage of coming from the upper bracket into a grand final

Esports is full of edge cases and special formats, our data structures and API are designed to handle those cases and have different types of flags to signal what is going on. However, some of the more unusual and low-impact cases don't have their own flags as they do not impact the general functionality or workflow of the data, but can be derived if that information is of interest.

One such instance is the occurrence of "upper bracket favour" rules in a Tournament. This is when the Team or Player coming from the upper bracket in a Tournament get a one Match advantage in the grand final Series.



Lets say that the playoffs bracket in The International is a double elimination bracket with a best-of-five grand final, and they use "upper bracket favour" rules. If Alliance (coming from the upper bracket) were to meet Na'Vi (coming from the lower bracket), Alliance would start the series having a one-match-advantage and would only have to win two additional (actual) matches to win the series, while Na'Vi would have to win three.

The way this manifests itself in our data is that the first Match in the Series will have Alliance set as winner, but data such as scores, maps and other data that you would normally find for a Match will be empty.

Updated about a year ago

What's Next

Next we'll look at a similar edge case, but with series

Chained Series

Upper Bracket Favour

The advantage of coming from the upper bracket into a grand final

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