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Tournament/Substage Phase

As described in the previous section, the Series in a Tournament are logically grouped using Stages and Substages. To further differentiate the importance between Series in a Tournament each Substage has a phase attribute. Using the example Tournament structure below we will explain these phase attributes.

Example tournament structure.

Substage Phases

There are four different phases that a Substage can have:

  • Qualifier
  • Regular
  • Final
  • Other

Only 1 Substage per Tournament can be set as the final Substage. Any number of Substages can be set to qualifier, regular or other.


A qualifier phase is, as the name describes, a qualifying Substage in the Tournament. Meaning that the participating competitors may have a lower rating or tier than the over all Tournament. Additionally, specifically in the case of online qualifier phases, the data might not have the same integrity or availability due to the fact that they are often played on several third party hosting services and/or casted in an unscheduled and unstructured format. In the example above the Substages "North America" and "Europe" would most likely have had qualifier as phase.


A regular phase are the Substages where that are not qualifiers nor final (or other). This includes the Tournament phases that are often referred to as "round robin", "group stages" or "league play" etc and sometimes offline qualifiers. In the example above the Substages "Group A" and "Group B" would have had regular as phase.


The final Substage is the Substage in which the winner of the Tournament is decided. This is in most cases a final bracket, but can also be a group stage if it is a Tournaments that is just played over a long season where teams gather points. In the example above the Substage "Playoff" would have had final as phase.


The other phase is the notation used for Substage that have Series that do not really follow/belong to the main phases of the Tournament at all. Such as all-star games, bot games or similar. In the example above that would be the "All Star" Substage.

With the exception of some "catch all" Tournaments, such as "Show Matches" Tournaments, each tournament will have one final-phase Substage. Depending on the Tournament there might be no qualifier-phase Substages, if it is for example an invite only Tournament. There are also instances where there are no regular-phase Substages, if it is a short Tournament where other Tournaments serve as qualifiers and establish seeding in the final Substage.

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Tournament/Substage Phase

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