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You can find your personal developer dashboard and request log at dash.abiosgaming.com.

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Widgets are a unique turnkey solution for get cutting edge esports data and statistics onto your website or esports project. Our widgets cover the full life cycle of esports data: pre-game statistics, live in-game updates and post match summaries. And it's all made available in a fully responsive iframe, with fully customisable styling, and several languages!

Integration flow

The widgets are fetched with an URL similar to https://widgets.abiosgaming.com/{company-name}/{widget-name}/{resource-id}, where the resource-id is e.g. the match id you want to show in your iframe. This request and the returned page, or widget, should be embedded in the clients webpage in an iframe. The resource-id can be submitted in two ways, (1) the client uses the Abios ID that it wants to fetch data for, or (2) the client submits a resource ID from a third party ID space (such as Kambi) along with the name of the ID space to get data for that resource.

For the second option to work the third party ID space must be mapped to the Abios ID space.

The available 3rd party ID spaces is constantly increasing, please talk to an Abios representative about what 3rd parties are integrated ([email protected]).

Custom styling

More or less every styling/design feature of the widgets are configurable, from colors, borders, backgrounds, fonts, font weights and border radius can be configured to make the widgets truly native to your site.

Our design and front end team currently configure the styling for you. To do this we require one or more of the following information:

  • A brand book and/or a front-end style guide.
  • Example styling as links or images from the website/projects.

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