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Language support


All widgets support language localisation, and more languages are added regularly. The default language for widgets is english, which is also the fall back language the widgets use if something would fail while loading another language. To request a widget with a non-default language, use the lang={locale-code} parameter.


LanguageLocale Code(s)
Chinesezh, zh_cn, zh_hans, zh_hant
Danishda, dan, da_dk
Dutchnl, nld, nl_nl, nl_be
EnglishDefault, no code necessary. en, en_en, en_us, en_uk, en_gb
Finnishfi, fin, fi_fi
Frenchfr, fra, fr_fr, fr_be
Greekel_gr, el, gr, gre, ell
Hungarianhu, hun, hu_hu
Italianit, ita, it_it
Norwegianno, nor, no_no
Polishpl, pol, pl_pl
Portugesept, pt_pt
Romanianro, ron, ro_ro
Spanishes, es_es, es_us
Swedishse, swe, sv_se
Turkishtr, tr_tr, tur

Updated 4 months ago

Language support

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